5 things I've learned from having 5 kids

5 things I've learned from having 5 kids

I never planned on having a "big" family. Micah and I are both the oldest of three and we agreed that three is a great number. I said three or four kids when we did our pre-marital counseling and because I really like even numbers so I didn't want to ignore the idea of a fourth kid. Micah said he would consider four but nothing higher (and then God laughed). 

After Mercedes arrived I was immediately on board for number four... as in she popped out and I announced she was a girl and then I asked when I could do that again. I really liked labor and delivery with her! We knew we wanted to keep the kids close in age and we liked the age distance between Parker and Jamison (17 months) so we decided to shoot for that again. 

We started trying when Mercedes was about six months old but it took us until after her first birthday to see those two pink lines. Obviously we are now super grateful for that spacing since at our eight week appointment we saw not one, but two little beans bopping around. Twins! And thus we became a family of five. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have five kids but now I know it was the surprise I didn't know I needed. 

These might not be mind blowing revelations but they are the lessons that have been important for me as a mom and for raising these five little humans that are spaced a mere six years apart. They are the lessons I need to remember when the chaos is building and I feel like I can't handle being a mom. That while this is happening it will also pass, there is more than just the loud and the crazy. 

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Update on May's Goals & My Goals for June

Update on May's Goals & My Goals for June

It's that time again! The end of the month has arrived and it's my time to reflect back on the goals I set for myself. Honestly? This month was a bit all over the place. Getting sick threw me off for longer than I wish it would have but I managed to get back on track and end the month on a good note. 

Let's look back at the four goals I set for May and how they went for us. 

1. Clean up the living room before bed every night

This was really hit or miss all month. There were nights where we got it done with zero issues and other nights where it was a huge battle. Then other nights where we didn't even bother due to activities, exhaustion, or other circumstances. Our neighbors were moving this month so I wanted the kids to get a chance to soak up play time with their friends and by the time they got inside I just wanted them in bed. I think I'm going to change this habit to directly after dinner before any more outside time can happen. Incentives ;)

2. Add in counters to the "cleaned off every night" list

I did okay at this but definitely not as well as I wanted. The nights I made a point of cleaning off the counters I also usually got the floor and table as well so the kitchen looked fabulous. The nights I didn't I felt frazzled in the morning because there were dishes or crumbs where I needed to be prepping breakfast. Definitely something I need to keep working on to make more of a habit. 

3. Sort the laundry the day it comes out of the dryer

This went really well because the boys have learned that helping = money. We have certain tasks the kids are expected to do without compensation. Chores like cleaning their room, putting away their laundry, cleaning up toys, bringing clothes to the laundry room, and clearing their dishes to load into the dishwasher. Everything else that is considered a "household chore" can earn them money. They get a quarter each time they help so they didn't mind sorting a basket or flipping loads. So much easier for this mama! This is another that will stay a habit in the house. 

4. Organize under the bathroom sink & linen closet

I got this done and shared a post on it last Friday. I'm so pleased with the results and so far they still look as good as the day I did it! Now I need to figure out what my next organizing project should be :D

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