Okay God, I get it

After deciding that a blog might be something I could do I sat on the idea. I tossed it around in my head and writing ideas presented themselves but I was still really apprehensive. Who wants to read my thoughts? About my seemingly ordinary, boring life? What do I have to say that hasn't been said before? I saw article after article about the exact topics I had wanting to write about saying it better than I thought I could. I got discouraged and put the idea away.

Or I thought I did. 

It wouldn't go away. 

I was now seeing post after post about how to start a blog, how to grow a blog, how to be a better writer, etc. I wasn't looking for these posts, they were popping up on Facebook or in my feedly reader because blogs I follow were doing a series on the topic. I still remained skeptical.

Then came the more obvious signs. I opened up to my husband about the idea (it took me months to tell him! why?) and he was immediately on board. He knew hosting platforms to check out. He wanted to buy a laptop for me so I wouldn't have to hide in the basement to write. I pulled on the reigns and slowed him down. I wanted to pray about the idea. To get confirmation and direction.

So we prayed.

Every night.

And God answered.

My devotional at the time provided confirmation. Friends provided confirmation without even realizing I was looking. Church provided confirmation one Sunday when we did an activity during the service about finding our passions. 

Over and over God was telling me to write. To share. To be real. It doesn't matter if someone has said it before. It doesn't matter if I think they said it better. I have a voice and I have something to share. Whether I reach one person or thousands of people I will write and share about my joy, my life, my chaos. 


I'm so glad you found your way here. I'm Katie and I have a chaotic life! I know my life isn't as crazy as other people's but it definitely seems to have more moments of tornado level insanity than beach level relaxation! But I also wouldn't have it any other way.


I've been married for nearly a decade now and we have five kids spanning six years. That's the fact that usually gets us funny looks in the store as we all shuffle around. Our oldest is seven, then nearly six, three, and then one year old twins. Yes we are busy, yes we have our hands full, and yes we know what causes it ;) 

As a stay at home mom I often get caught up in the every day struggle of dishes, laundry, cooking, refereeing, and all that other jazz and forget sometimes what a gift it all is. When friends ask me how I do it I don't really know how to respond! 

"Um, I just do?" 

Because that's the truth. I don't know how I wouldn't do it. 

How do I stay sane is a totally different topic, though. I work to find joy each day. To find something that brings me happiness and helps me remember that I'm doing the Lord's work, that I have a greater purpose, that fills me up. 

Some days it's as simple as an extra cup of coffee. Other day's its a craft project. And others it's sitting in the bathroom for a whole five minutes in peace before someone finds me. 

I want to share the joy I find amidst the chaos that is everyday life. I hope you join me. 


Katie McGowen

I've got a passion for encouraging women to really love the life they have - crazy schedules, messy floors, toddler tantrums, and sloppy kisses. I want to inspire you to choose joy during the highs and during the lows. I want you to love the chaos but also find a way to manage it so you don't lose your beautiful mind in the process.