How I ditched my frumpy mom uniform

Learn how to put together a classic capsule wardrobe and add in seasonal styles so you never get stuck in a fashion rut again!
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For the longest time I said I wasn’t fashionable. I said I didn’t like clothes and that I didn’t know how to make cute outfits. I would wear the same thing almost every single day, just changing the color of the shirt or cardigan. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love my clothes either. I would buy things off clearance racks just because they were cheap, not necessarily because I loved how they looked or knew what they would match well with in my closet.

A few years ago I got the Stay At Home Mom Capsule Wardrobe and was amazed at the simple outfit combos Alison created but also how cute and functional they were. The next year I got the Spring Style Challenge and loved hunting down deals on specific items that would work well with my wardrobe.

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Since then I have fallen in love with these style challenges and the idea of capsule wardrobes. They help give me confidence to put outfits together that make me feel good and that use pieces I can mix and match together. I can walk into a store and pull out my list and hunt for items that fit my budget and work with everything in my closet.

I went out shopping with friends a few weeks ago and as we were browsing I was totally caught off guard by someone’s comment.

“You’ve become so fashionable, Katie!”

“What? Me?”

“Yes! You look so cute and your outfits are great.”

You guys, I was completely blown away! This is not something I have ever heard. I’m not in this for compliments, I’m simply doing it to feel good about myself. To like how I look when I leave the house. To not feel like the frumpy, falling apart mom.

Learn how to put together a classic capsule wardrobe and add in seasonal styles so you never get stuck in a fashion rut again!

I can’t afford a stylist. I can’t afford to walk into some fancy, shmancy place and let them pick out my clothing and tell me what works and what doesn’t. But I can treat myself to a Style Challenge that builds off classic pieces to create a stylish seasonal wardrobe. I can join the private Facebook group, share my outfit of the day photos, and get feedback. I can shop at places like Target, Amazon, Cents of Style, Clothes Mentor (my new favorite!), and even local thrift stores to find pieces I love at prices that work for me.

I really appreciate that Alison does not tell her customers to toss out everything and buy an entire new wardrobe. She encourages shopping your closet for the pieces on the list. You don’t need to have exactly what is listed, but find pieces that you love that fit the general idea. If you aren’t a fan of floral patterns, choose a geometric print instead. Can’t fathom wearing white jeans with little kids (I hear you!), go for a light wash or khaki instead.

If you feel your wardrobe needs a refresh or you simply want to add some fun new, on-trend pieces for the season, Style Challenges from Get Your Pretty On might be exactly what you are looking for. If you’ve ever wanted someone to take you by the hand and say, “Here is what you should buy, here is how to match these pieces together, and here is how to mix them into new outfits” then the Style Challenges could be for you.

But before you jump in, let me tell you a bit more about this challenge.

What’s in the Style Challenges Winter 2018 Capsule Wardrobe?

The Style Challenges Winter 2018 Capsule Wardrobe is 39 pieces (including accessories + shoes) which are mixed and matched to create 28 days of outfits. Full shopping list + first 7 outfits are available immediately upon sign up.

How much does the Style Challenge cost?

The price of the bundle is $39. This includes the full shopping list and daily outfit calendar, plus the 2017 Winter Style Challenge, access to the private Facebook group, a color palette resource and holiday glam guide!

What else can you tell me?

No risk. If you try it and decide it’s not for you, you can request a refund within a week. They want you to love the Style Challenges!

What if I want to focus on my wardrobe as a whole or a different season?

You are in luck! Alison offers past seasons for sale at a discounted rate! These don’t include the private Facebook book but if you simply want to know the best items to add to your closet to have a well rounded but classic capsule wardrobe, these will be a big help. You can also buy the Stay At Home Mom Capsule Wardrobe or Closet Staples Casual Capsule Wardrobe here.

If you really love Style Challenges and want to save on a full year, consider buying an Annual Membership! It offers all four seasons of Seasonal Style Challenges, access to each of the seasonal Facebook groups, early access to the shopping lists, and a discounted price! If you bought all four seasons individually it would cost you $156. With the Seasonal Annual Membership you only pay $127!

There is also an Annual Membership for the Work Wear Seasonal Challenges you can get for $97 (normally $116) or you can do a Combo Annual Membership and get both the regular Seasonal Style Challenges and the Work Wear Seasonal Challenges for only $197, normally $272!

The Annual Memberships are only available until March 1st, so don’t wait!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I really love these challenges and encourage you to give one a try.

What’s your biggest fashion struggle?

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Learn how to put together a classic capsule wardrobe and add in seasonal styles so you never get stuck in a fashion rut again!