Frugal and Delicious Bean Recipes

Beans don't need to be boring! Get cooking with beans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, with these bean recipes.
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Some weeks that grocery budget is TIGHT. Like all your bulk products ran out at the same time. Or it's the end of the month and that envelope only has about half the amount it usually does in it. Sometimes you just have a bunch of beans to use up and have NO IDEA what to make. I get it. It happens here too. 

Thankfully, beans are an incredibly frugal and filling item that have a ridiculously long shelf life when you buy them dry. And they are packed with protein which means they are super for those kids that aren't the biggest meat eaters. 

I've rounded up a whole bunch of drool worthy bean recipes here, but I'm going to give you a BIG TIP for keeping these frugal - cook your own beans. Yes, canned beans are super convenient. Sure, they only cost about $1 per can, less if you find them on sale. But when you can buy a pound of beans for $2 and you can get 4-6 cans worth out of that bag, possibly more, it's a significantly better deal! And beans are soooo easy to cook. 

Check out this post to see how I use my crock pot to make both black beans and refried beans. I keep them in the freezer in these containers so they are ready any time I want. Because the containers hold 16 ounces of beans+liquid and a typical can of beans is 15 ounces, I know I can substitute my homemade beans for a can without issue. Plus there is significantly less sodium when I make them from scratch! 

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Beans don't need to be boring! Get cooking with beans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, with these bean recipes.
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Looks like our grocery lists are going to contain several varieties of beans going forward! I'm definitely going to try the sweet potato and black bean breakfast burritos as well as the peanut butter swirl black bean brownies! Think I could make a whole week's worth of meals with beans? 

What's your favorite bean recipe?

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Bean recipes that still taste good