6 Christian suspense series that will keep you turning pages

Christian suspense series to add to your reading list
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Mystery, villians, red herrings, and the triumph over evil. I love a good suspense book. I grew up reading The Babysitters Club, The Boxcar Children, and Goosebumps before moving on to more teen and adult geared mystery books. I probably read loads of books I shouldn't have because of wanting longer books. I simply don't want my stories to end!

This is probably why I gravitate towards series. I love getting to know characters and watch how they interact, how they grow, and how stories are woven together to create a larger narrative. A series allows the characters to transform into friends that you feel you know on a personal level, rather than simply as words on a page. 

When those characters I love are thrown into dangerous circumstances or have a mystery to solve I am on the edge of my seat, walking around with a book in my hand, and lost to the world around me. I want books that make me say, "Just one more page" when I'm down to a few hours before the alarm goes off. And that's exactly what each of the books in these series did to me. 

Each of the following authors has multiple series that have pulled me in and left an impression. It was incredibly hard to narrow this list down to only one series from each author because, honestly, I could have easily included all their books! There isn't a single book on this list that I had to force myself to finish or struggle to get started. 

I think my favorite parts of reading Christian fiction in the suspense, mystery, or thriller category are the characters that are really struggling with their beliefs and how the circumstances help bring them back to a relationship with Christ. They face these terrifying events and see how God is using it all for bigger things. Often the themes in these books have helped me grow in my own walk with Christ and encourage me to dig deeper in my Bible reading. 

So whether you need a book series for your trip to the beach, upcoming camping trip, a rainy day at home, or simply something new for your reading list, here are my six book series that will keep you flipping pages long after you should have turned in for the night ;)

6 Christian Suspense Series to Add to Your Reading List Right Now

Private Justice by Irene Hannon

Irene Hannon also writes romance novels but her suspense series all weave a thread of romance between the characters. Her characters are flawed and often struggling with their faith - if they have any at all. But through the stories they find hope, redemption, and often a partner for life. 

The Private Justice series focuses on three friends running a private detective agency together. As a former police detective, ATF agent, and Secret Service agent, they aren't the run of the mill PIs. These books are full of twists and secrets to keep you turning pages until the end. 

The Bowers Files by Steven James

I'm not sure I've ever read such a dark series so fast. Patrick Bowers is an FBI agent that uses geographical profiling to track serial offenders. His work is often scoffed at by traditional profilers, even when they see what he can do. And not only is he trying to catch the "bad guy" before the next crime is committed, he's also trying to connect with and raise his 16 year old step daughter after her mom, his brand new wife, passes away from cancer. 

The books are often dark but with a subtle thread of hope and faith woven throughout, becoming stronger as the series goes on. I could not put these books down and I'm counting down the days until the next installment in September. 

The Restoration Series by Terri Blackstock

Imagine that every bit of technology, electronics, electricity, all of it - stopped working. No phones, no lights, no radios, no cars, no planes. If it's not manual, it doesn't work. How do you survive when your entire existence has depended on electricity and modern convenience? 

The Branning family must figure out how to survive in this new reality. Do they hoard what they have or work together with their neighbors to learn how to grow food, raise livestock, and build a new way of life. 

This was a fascinating read because it is so reflective our current society. We have become so dependent on modern technology that our culture would collapse without it! The mystery of what caused this whole blackout spans the series but there are smaller mysteries throughout as well as challenging family dynamics. 


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Yet another series that I flew through in a matter of minutes. Okay, not minutes, but I definitely could not stop reading when I started. 

The O'Malleys are a group of seven that grew up in an orphanage together then decided to become their own family. Now grown they have all stepped into professions that allow them to protect and save others. Each book focuses on a different sibling and their struggles. These are characters that have experienced immense heartache as children and it has affected their ability to trust and hope as adults. 

Dee Henderson created characters that become real to me! I cheered for them, cried for them, and looked forward to my next adventures with them. Make sure you include Jennifer: An O'Malley Love Story when you read this series as well! 

Alaskan Courage Series by Dani Pettrey

My father-in-law recommended Dani Pettrey to me while I was trying to read all of Terri Blackstock's books. It took me close to a year before I picked one up but they didn't last long. 

Dani Pettrey weaves suspense and romance together like Dee Henderson, Irene Hannon, and Terri Blackstock. Do you sense a theme in my books preferences? Lots of suspense with a little romance thrown in for fun. 

The Alaskan courage series is set in a small Alaskan town but soon dark secrets begin to emerge. Each book contains interesting characters, a chance at redemption, and lots of twists and turns. 

The Circle Series by Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker was the first author I really consumed after I got saved. I don't even believe the Circle Series was finished when I started reading them but I believe Green came out not long after I read Black, Red, and White. 

Equal parts mystery and fantasy this book was so different from other books I had read before. Thomas Hunter finds himself in a different reality each time he awakes. How does he know which is real and which is a dream? Or are they both real? 

It's been about a decade since I read this series and now I find myself wanting to read it again because it was rich with theological ideas that can help you dive deeper into your own faith. 

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