Shhhh... I've got a secret!

No, no babies. Just needed to clear the air on that one!

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I've been reading Alexandra Kuykendall's new book Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What's RIght in Front of Me and I am in love with it! This book is exactly what I am trying to do with my own life, why I started this blog, and everything I want to inspire people to do in their lives!

I'm going to do a full review in a couple weeks but I wanted to give you guys a heads up about this amazing book so you can pre-order it and have it in your hands right when it's released. This book is filled with so many good things that I had to restrain myself from highlighting everything!


Seriously guys, this book is phenomenal and I feel so incredibly blessed that I got a chance to read it already! I can't wait to tell you more about it :D Soon, I promise!