Fantastic Quote Roundup!

Are you a quoter? I'm pretty positive that isn't a word, ha! But do you have quotes you enjoy using? Or just enjoy to read even if you don't remember them off the top of your head? I have a board on Pinterest just for quotes that I find moving, inspiring, funny, or simply truthful. 

Here are my favorites along with a link (if available) to the source. Enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed these! I think I might need to make some prints for my walls with the joy quotes!


Shout out some of your favorite quotes or sayings in the comments!



Katie McGowen

I'm a child of God, a wife, a mom of 5, and now a blogger. I write about how I find joy while navigating the chaos of everyday life. I love to share funny stories, recipes, joy-filled moments, and whatever else God lays on my heart.