Nana Anna's Banana Bread {Recipe}

incredible homemade egg free banana bread
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I've been making this banana bread recipe for years! Nana Anna is my mom (hi, mom!) and she got this recipe ages ago from someone at work and it's now one of her signature items. One of my favorite things about it is that it takes NO EGGS! This is great when I'm running low on eggs but have oodles of over ripe bananas on my counter that need to be used ASAP. It's also great for people that have egg allergies or kiddos with egg allergies. 

One of the other best things about this recipe? It's incredible versatile! I've swapped out the flour for whole wheat or a combo of all purpose and whole wheat. I've swapped out the white sugar for brown sugar or a combo of both. I've also switched out the oil for applesauce or coconut oil! The only swap I've never tried is honey in place of sugar so if you know how to make that swap and try it with success let me know!

This is the original piece of scrap paper I wrote the recipe down on about ten years ago and as you can see, it's seen some love. I keep meaning to transfer it to an actual recipe card but now that it's on the blog it's safe! I've almost panicked several times thinking I've lost this piece of paper even though I know I can call my mom to get it again. I'm silly like that. 


This time when I made it I used part white sugar and part brown sugar but left everything else the same. I also had a little helper in the kitchen! I prepped like a cooking show host and had all the ingredients prepped and ready for her so all she had to do was peel the bananas (and I made sure to get all the stringy parts off) then dump in each ingredient. She even held the hand mixer by herself so I could snap some pictures! 


Another perk of no eggs in the batter? She can lick the beaters!



Nana Anna's Banana Bread

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Homemade egg free banana bread