Weekly Menu Plan #35


I love menu planning and seeing other's dinner plans! I'm weird like that ;) As I've shared before, being in the kitchen is my happy place so I love finding meals that are new but I also never forget our favorites! These will link to the author's original recipe unless it's my own recipe/creation that I don't have a link for... yet.

If you need some inspiration for how to create menu plans you can read here where I go into detail about how I make a plan for our food week and here to read how I create our grocery list.

Sunday: 5-Ingredient Creamy Taco AlfredoJust about anything combining the flavors of tacos and pasta and I'm in. Add in creamy Alfredo sauce? Holy buckets I can't wait to try this!

Monday: Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff - It's a favorite around these parts and it's back on the menu again. 

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Vegetable SoupThis soup just screams fall to me. I really like that I don't need to precook the pasta. One less dish to dirty and I'm all about that!

Wednesday: Honey Sesame ChickenThis is a favorite of Parker, our 8 year old. I can't argue with him - it's delicious! This recipe uses a tempura batter which fries up super light and crispy. And the smell of sesame oil is one of my favorites. 

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Homemade Pizza and Movie Night - you can find my pizza crust recipe here.

Saturday: Taco Bar - It's a joint birthday party for Parker (8) and Anders & Cade (2). Both sides of our families are getting together and we are going to stuff our faces full of tacos and nachos until we need to roll out the door. Okay, maybe not that full but we are going to have a great spread. Plus cupcakes! 


What's on your menu plan this week? Any go-to meals for fall? Share them in the comments!



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