Today was hard

I don't know if it was the four day weekend, the extremely cold temperatures keeping us cooped up inside, or something else throwing off the normal groove of the house, but today was hard. 

The kids were riled up. Typical sibling squabbles escalated quickly, common house rules were ignored and even with reminders were still broken. Screams echoed around the house as the kids yelled harsh words at each other. No one listened the first time when directions were given. 

Today was hard. 

Goofy boys, LEGO, and sushi - 5 places I found joy in the chaos this week

This week felt like it took forever! It was the first week back to full time schedules. The kids were back to five days of school for the week and Micah was back to a 40+ hour work week (I think it was closer to 50 this week) and I was busy putting the final touches on a presentation I was giving later in the week. We had a couple nice days to start the week and then the temps plummeted and we got hit with a blizzard. We've got all this super fine snow that blows like crazy when the winds pick up making driving super scary. 

Weekly Menu Plan #100 + a look at the weekly grocery shopping for our family of 7

This is it - the FINAL meal plan featured on the blog! In an effort to cut down on the amount of time I spend writing posts I had to think and pray long and hard about what to keep posting and what to eliminate. Last year I was posting four times each week. While I enjoyed writing my posts it was also A LOT of work to stay on top of constantly. Cutting it down to two per week is going to give me significantly more breathing room while also allowing more time to connect with readers and focus on quality posts rather than the quantity of posts. 

What's the best and worst financial advice you've ever been given?

Over the course of our lives we are bombarded with messages and advice about everything - what to wear, how to eat, where to live, how to raise our kids, jobs to take, and the list goes on. Beyond parenting - because the amount of advice parents get slammed with on a daily basis is crazy - I think financial advice is probably one of the top areas where people feel they need to throw in their two cents. Think about it - how often are you given advice about what to do with your bonus, or how to earn a little extra cash, or the best way to invest and save for your future? I'm guessing more than you realize. 

Weekly Menu Plan #99 + a look at the weekly grocery shopping for our family of 7

Two weeks in a row at Aldi- what? Micah and I decided that healthier choices needed to be a priority this year so we are trying to cut the amount of carbs we are eating and adding more veggies to each meal. The kids aren't huge fans of this change but they are slowly, very slowly, coming around. We are still feeding them some of their favorites like pancakes and quick breads with their eggs but we are skipping and eating more loaded omelettes. Baby steps ;)