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Life is chaotic. Life is messy. Life is amazing.


There is no getting around it. Food needs to be made, laundry needs to be folded (and apparently put away?), and little tooshies need to be wiped. And in between all that we are supposed to have time to take care of ourselves and enjoy the little moments. Phew. 

If we don't find a way to manage the chaos, the chaos is going to manage us. I will never claim to have it all together and I'll never claim to have a perfect solution, but I am finding a way to manage the chaos, embrace the chaos, and even find the joy in the chaos. 

I keep it unfiltered since we all know life is messy. I open my heart because I want to be real and connect with you. I share my highs and lows because we all have them. 

Most of all, I try choose joy each and every day. I don't choose joy because it's easy or fun or natural. I choose joy because we serve an incredible God and I am grateful to Him whether things are going well or things are falling apart. Because of His great love I can choose joy in the sun or in the storm, in the calm or in the chaos.  


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